Товарищъ Главврачъ
В СССР всё спокойно. Московскую Академию наук не волнует, является ли параллелограмм трапецией.
"He’s got to die. Like, a lot."
-Happy Lowman
The best line I’ve heard ever in a t.v show.

I`m just so fucking angry. No one is allowed to do that kind of shit. I`m not a saint myself, I know I do stupid things from time to time. But this is just truly out of the line. You do not do that to your family. You just don`t. Who else is going to stand by your side if not them. What the fuck really? I want to break that brat`s face so much, like you wouldn`t believe. No one makes my mother cry. No one. Or else they`re gonna have someone quite agnry on their trail, guaranteed.
So let`s get to business then.

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