Товарищъ Главврачъ
В СССР всё спокойно. Московскую Академию наук не волнует, является ли параллелограмм трапецией.
So,my fellow humans, let me tell you a story. On one dark stormy night, when the clouds roared past my window, the rain poured heavily on the ground, the roofs and all the living (and not so much) things, when the thunder clapped in the distance (and not so far too), I found Welcome to Night Vale. Or maybe it actually found me. So..., it was discovered, no matter what "it" is, and well, what can I say, my life will probably never be the same.
Anyway. You may or may not like this podcast but you will.
You will.

@темы: отдел линейного счастья, Тапочки-мухоморы, О том,немногом..., Готовы к приключениям?, Welcome to Night Vale, I`m probably very-very late