Товарищъ Главврачъ
В СССР всё спокойно. Московскую Академию наук не волнует, является ли параллелограмм трапецией.
Just when i think it can`t get worse i've had a shit day. And I`m gonna do it, I'm shutting down, it`s over. Sorry, guys, not good enough, but does it matter, why do you even expect anything? And the feeling is nasty but I guess it is my cue. So, spotlights on and as high as they get, fuck your stage fright, after all you`ll never see these people again, and so what if it`s so bad you want to die, so what, doesn`t matter, darling, nothing you`ll do will ever change what`s about to happen, so if your life`s about to crash and burn at least remember to dance in the flames. At least make it look like you're not sorry at all. And, baby. Make it look good.

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